Friday 14 March 2014

Seeing Stories - The journey begins in Florence

In June 2013 all partners met in Florence for the very first time and attended the kick-off meeting of the project, hosted by Chille de la Balanza in their venue in San Salvi.
The overwhelming beauty of this city with so many stories to tell represented an ideal set for our discussions and was truly inspirational.
The meeting was lively and intense, covering both the practical side of how to properly administer the project as well as how to develop its creative content. By the end of the day some decisions were taken and many ideas were thriving.

Exceptional finale of such an exceptional day was offered by the storyteller Giovanna Conforto - associated partner with Associazione Gruppo Le Falene - who generously hosted an informal partners' gathering in her house at the heart of Florence.

The following day we all explored the city and kept on discussing and nurturing ideas.

The journey begins and we are ready to start.

Seeing Stories people
The journey begins....